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Bode Consulting Services, Inc.

          CNC member: Udo H. Bode

About Bode Consulting Services, Inc.

I was born in formerly West Germany and graduated in 1974 from the University of Hannover, Germany as Diplom Ingenieur (master's degree) in electrical engineering, specializing in RF and microwaves communication. I was employed from October 1973 to December 1994 by the now called Radio Frequency Systems Group, formerly Kabelmetal, in Hannover, Germany, until May 1979, then by its division Cablewave Systems in the USA. I was for many years responsible for all of its product lines. They included: RF coaxial cable, rigid line, elliptical corrugated waveguide, radiating cable, connectors and accessories, microwave parabolic antennas and broadcast antennas (FM, VHF, UHF, MDS).
I implemented at Cablewave Systems computerized on line SPC, coaxial cable and waveguide test systems with automatic data transfer to the main frame computer, CAD, computerized outdoor microwave and broadcast antenna test ranges as well as a computerized anechoic chamber and much more.

Patents include: overmoded circular waveguide, leaky coaxial cable (the ALF and RLF product line of the RFS Group) and as consultant a system and method for validating radio frequency identification tags.

My concentration as a Consultant since 1995 is on design, manufacturing, quality assurance of RF coaxial cable, radiating cable, waveguide, including their connectors and accessories, broadcast and parabolic microwave antennas, antenna and radiating cable system design, RFID inlay quality control devices and procedures.

Projects were i.e.:

  • Design of RFID single tag reader for fast production line.
  • Improvement of a nuclear power plant’s communication system.
  • Analysis of attenuation spikes of jumper cables, caused by poor connector contacts to the inner tape of a twin tape outer conductor coaxial cable design.
  • Supervision and statistical analysis of CATV drop cable egress (RF leakage) tests to qualify a new drop cable design.
  • Design of a new radiating cable product line, which works in a leaky cable mode at low frequencies and in a radiating cable mode at high frequencies.
  • Radiating cable and antenna system designs for buildings and tunnels in the US and abroad.
  • Analysis of a twin wire system to reradiate AM broadcast in road tunnels.
  • Evaluations of possible extensions of cable and waveguide product lines. My consulting for those clients involved Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.

Contact Information


Udo H. Bode
Bode Consulting Services, Inc.
66 Atwater Street Ext.
East Haven, CT 06512-4765
Tel.: 203-468-0135

Engineering Skills

  • Antennas
  • Waveguides
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Electromagnetics
  • Microwaves
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • RFID