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Chemled Technologies, LLC

Our company is providing Scientific Instruments OEM’s with software and hardware solutions specializing in interconnectivity with Windows7 x64, advanced systems for radiometric photovoltaic and spectroscopic measurements, WiFi DistributedFTS™ - detectors for FTIR spectrometers and light detection systems utilizing Vertical Range Division Spectrographs – VRDS™ and VSMS for Deep UV 150-300nm, UV, VIS, NIR


About ChemLed Technologies, LLC


Spectral Systems Design and architecture for plasma diagnostics and physical chemistry including instrumentation for – LIBS, VUV, DUV, VIS, NIR, FTIR, Atomic, Laser Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Raman, FTIR and Hyper-spectral Microscopy.

Technology Evaluation and Interdisciplinary R&D.

Plasma diagnostics, energy transfer and kinetics in gas phase.

Design of laser and spectral systems in chemical, material science, or bioapplications.

Setup and optimization of metrology or QC processes immersed in industrial or R&D settings.

Transducers interfacing with Windows7 kernel. Multiphysics modeling and signal processing from sensors (including capacitive).

Instruments electronics and commercially deployable software. Development and experimental validation of algorithms for imaging and analytical applications, scientific programming.

Hardware accelerated algorithms VHDL-FPGA, GPU, CUDA, Matlab, Simulink, COMSOL, Xilinx VHDL IP-cores and MicroBlaze, NET-OS7.x-Eclipse IDE.

Development of commercial software for spectroscopic systems using Matlab language and expert toolboxes.

Hardware architecture for connectivity with Windows KMDF level, WHQL. Windows, Windows CE, USB – Cypress firmware development for instrumentation. Web enabled wireless chemical sensors.

Implementation of EM-CCD, iCCD Cameras, Single Point Detectors, FTIR spectrometers, Dispersive Spectrometers for 1-D or 2-D imaging general spectroscopy, sensors for physical chemistry or life sciences.

Ergonomically friendly GUI designs with live data fusion and hardware interfacing. 


To read more about ChemLed's applications please see:

Laser Focus World March 1995 pg. 75

also please visit

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Contact Information


Radek Sobczynski, PhD
Chemled Technologies, LLC
Orange, CT 06477

Engineering Skills

  • Spectral & Laser Systems Design
  • Plasma diagnostics, energy transfer and kinetics
  • Multiphysics modeling and signal processing
  • VHDL-FPGA, GPU, CUDA, Matlab, Simulink, COMSOL, Xilinx VHDL IP-cores and MicroBlaze, NET-OS7.x-Eclipse IDE.
  • Cypress firmware development