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About John Babina, Jr. LLC


We provide multiple solutions to the design process of new products as well as current production, with extensive expertise in both commercial and defense industries.

Our 40 years of experience span both large companies with high volume production as well as small companies with custom specialty products.

Services for product design and product improvement:
Reliability and Quality Assurance (prior experience...Manager of Reliability)  

  •  Life predictions
  •  Failure Analysis
  •  Fault Tree Analysis
  •  FMEA
  •  Components
  •  Develop a Reliability Department
  •  Establish a Reliability lab
  •  Life Tests
  •  DOE 

Six Sigma (prior experience . . . . certified Six Sigma Black Belt):  

  •  Introduce your company to the Six Sigma quality process
  •  Learn to run a Six Sigma Black Belt project
  •  Continuous improvement
  •  Design for Six Sigma
  •  The DMAIC process
  •  Statistical Analysis and Training
  •  Teaching the fundamentals of Six Sigma and instilling them in your firm 

Services for complex systems design: Systems engineering (prior experience . . . . Chief of Systems Integration)

  •  Experience with complex avionics systems - including electro-optical components
  •  Develop high level system requirements – including human interface issues
  •  Experience with large complex commercial products, including servo motors and motion control
  •  We drive design decisions to increase product life, improve producibility and lower cost


Product Introduction (prior experience . . . Marketing Manager of Advanced Design):
In addition to our technical experience we also have years of experience in marketing and business planning for New Product Development.

  •  Marketing strategies
  •  Business plans
  •  Product plans
  •  Complete program management

Our unique experience with technology designs as well as the fundamentals of business keeps us focused on the lowest cost solution that satisfies your critical requirements.


Contact Information


John Babina
John Babina, Jr., LLC
9 Freedom Way
Huntington, CT 06484-5373

Phone: (203) 225-0808
Fax: (203) 225-0616
Cell: (203) 258-9608


Engineering Skills


• Components
• Education
• Military Electronics
• Product Development
• Project Management
• Quality Assurance
• Avionics
• Reliability
• Systems